The 2 Best Casino Hotels in Las Vegas

Casino Hotels in Las Vegas

Plumes of the fountains at The Bellagio ride through your minds as a fresh splash of luxury to entrance you when taking a tour through the casino floors. Games are offered at different stops in the casinos to entertain you round the clock. Classical music, breezy weather, and the blend of aromas make the establishments worth visiting. Gambling has evolved into the most advanced form to offer you digital options, but the physical casinos always have a special place in the hearts of gamblers. The first name and image that conjures up in your head when thinking of casinos would be of Las Vegas.

No matter how opulent the casinos in other countries are, the ones in Vegas will be the pioneers in the industry. Although this gambling district has been criticized for many reasons and often makes people surfeited with its features, gamblers always have it on top of their list for vacation plans. One of the aspects of gambling in Las Vegas that you need to bear in mind is that you can never have much fun without staying in the city for a few days to explore the different games and casinos. If you can afford to have an extended weekend in Vegas, here are some of the best casino hotels you can visit in the city.

The Mirage and Its Poker Tournaments

The over-the-top gimmicks many of us may be expecting from casinos are indeed the least interesting feature of a casino. Of all the huge establishments on the Vegas Strip, The Mirage is the first mega hotel to host poker tournaments. Around 100,000 square feet of gaming space has been developed within the casino to include massive sportsbooks, screens, and a wide range of slots and machine games.

Once you have explored every other game at the casino, you must go on to try your luck at seven-card stud in the poker rooms. Nights are especially entertaining, with the volcano eruption shows and performances of artists adding to the mood of the whole day. Splendidly decorated standard rooms are available for lodging; you can also go for the three-bedroom premium service villas.

The Bellagio Hotel

Bellagio Hotel

The gorgeous town of Bellagio gathers luxury and entertainment to provide the guests with a tasty combination of several aspects such as art galleries, games, botanical gardens, and beautiful fountains. One of the best gaming floors in Vegas is at The Bellagio, covering almost 116,000 square feet of halls and rooms. It hosts World Poker Tour showdowns in the dedicated rooms.

The best addition to the game is a glass of the vintage Scotch served at the bar. Accommodation ranges from simple to luxurious hotel rooms to suffuse the days with unbridled joy. The French feast by the AAA Five Diamond Le Cirque is one of the most popular offerings of this hotel. A laid-back day at The Pool will help your mind relax after a night of strategic wins.

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